The Б’Art completed the training component in the secondary schools of Bishkek "Culture, nature, image”.
The main objective of the project was to create a single system of education for students in the field of conservation of bio-cultural diversity through the arts. As a result, the students have increased their ability of understanding the actual problems in the field of biodiversity, environment and culture, as well as displaying their solutions through artistic images. In addition, children got in contact with the aesthetic culture. During the course, the children have developed creative abilities, habits and became acquainted with elements of beauty in life, abstract and creative thinking.
At the end, the participants expressed their gratitude towads the organizers and teachers.
Here some comments of some schoolchildren:
Sharabidinova Nurzhaz

"I learned a lot about the traditions and customs of different nations, about ornaments, the different types and their meanings. We looked at the culture and creativity not only in painting, but also through songs, dances and crafts. I would like to write the story of my life on an ornament."
Mambetova Altynay

"In class today, I have learned that nature should be protected in order to preserve clean air, water and animals. Now I draw, as factories pollute the air and as it harms nature and us - the people. I will show the drawings I made to my friends, classmates and relatives as a reminder that you need to pick up trash and do not pollute water."
Giannov Muhammad

"I liked that it was not just drawing lessons or ecology, biology and history, but something uniting all the topics together in one subject. You can draw during the lesson, come up with your picture or share with schoolfellows different ideas. During the lesson I also learned a lot about the underwater world on the «invertebrates", as the largest invertebrates - is the inhabitants of the underwater world."