A workshop series

Within the framework of the project " Visual interpretation of cultural and historical heritage of the ancient city of Kan-Dѳbѳ " at the school №43 of the Tuura-Suu village of Issyk-Kul region a workshop series from May 17 to 20 and from May 27 to May 29 were held. The goal of the workshops is to create conditions for the local communities to understand the importance of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of their native land. For schoolchildren, an introductory lesson on biocultural diversity was held, on its importance of preservation and transfer from generation to generation, after this schoolchildren started to draw their understanding of biocultural diversity. The polygon for drawing was the school wall in front of the building entrance. Schoolchildren first time took part in such arts as street art, sculpture and fresco. Created drawings and sculptures will be decorated a school open-air museum. More than 60 children from the 2nd to 11th classes of the school №43 and of the school n.a Bokonbaev took part in the workshop series, who are interested in studying and preserving the rich cultural history of the people.