School Museum

For several months B'Art Contemporary helped create a school museum in the Tuura-Suu village of the Issyk-Kul region; the museum reflects the history of the ancient settlements Kan-Dobo*.
A series of master classes on street art and sculpture were held for the children of the local schools, as well as locals; they were aimed at raising awareness of the importance of preserving Kyrgyz history and traditions, as well as taking care of the natural world. There were 87 children from 2 to 11 classes. The exhibition presents 53 paintings and 22 sculptures revealing the history of ancient settlement Kan-Dobo, traditional games, as well as the rich nature of the Issyk-Kul region. In creation of pictures and sculptures participated 21 artists - members of the Union of artists of Kyrgyzstan and 6 sculptors.
Mrs. Lesley Gray - art critic and curator from Dubai and Dr. Karen Exell - adviser of the National Museum of Qatar visited local museum.
Kan-Dobo* is one of the largest settlements of the 8th-12th centuries. To this day, archaeologists find here ancient objects of everyday life, sculptures, ancient coins with the image of the Buddha, vases with inscriptions, bone buttons, decorations, tiles, details of equestrian equipment and much more.