Workshop in the Issyk-Kul

On 12 June in the Tuura-Suu village a group of artist conducted a workshop for local children. Children looked at the surrounding nature and depicted portraits in a fusion with nature. One of the drawings shows a girl whose one eye is covered with hair, this is our past, our heritage; One eye is open, this is our present and future. Now we live only in the present and think about the future, but at the same time we completely forgot about our past. Two trees symbolize the fruits in our hearts, the fruits of preserving and reading our common valuable heritage. Such a combination demonstrates a multitude of curves, angles and lines that can be found both inside the human body and the world around us. Children's drawings evoke a captivating sense of mystery, as they simultaneously unite man with nature and architecture into a single portrait. Because of their age, children can not correctly say about their attitude to the heritage, but they can do it through their drawings.