The workshop

On December 7 the workshop "Person and Nature" took place in the school #65.The focus was set on contemporary models of ecological education. From the beginning of the third millennium the environmental problems, that arose way earlier already, continue to go more and more severe and their resolution is urgent to ensure the survival of mankind within a nature’s variety. The workshop aimed to raise the children’s awareness for this issue by triggering questions about the perception of the world we’re living in. Interrelations and interdependencies between human live and nature were being highlighted and the children developed skills how to study and research in the nature and preserve the wildlife as well as ideas how to evolve a sort of rational environmental management by creativity and artistic work. During the lessons it was possible to examine and reflect on concepts as anthropogenous influence, live and lifeless nature and wild nature, to detect sources of environmental pollution and also to explore exit ways from the current situation. The workshop attracted wide interest among the children of the 7th class who understood the significance of the issue and the importance to preserve the biocultural diversity and they enjoyed the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and come up with ideas beyond the scope of the school program.